Just like being in-person visit to your doctor

Live, Real Time Care with  healthcare provider licensed to practice in your State.

  • Cost less than most co-pays – even while you access care at your convenience.
  • Always based on your needs – Always low cost – Always HIPAA Compliant.
  • Be seen by a Physician (or other provider) licensed to practice in your state.
  • Receive the care you need when you need it – where ever you are!
  • SmartCareDoc Visits Provide High Quality Care at Much Lower Cost!

  • 40-50% less than traditional doctor’s visits.
  • 80% or More less costly than an Emergency Room visit.
  • State-of-the-art Diagnostic Devices – Not just a video call!

    • SmartCareDoc uses integrated medical devices to provide a full medical exam when necessary for real medical exam quality without the waiting room!
    • HD Medical Camera – with ear, nose and throat attachments
    • E-Stethoscope – to listen to your heart and lungs realtime
    • Blood pressure – exactly as you will have it done in the office
    • Single lead EKG – for the times your doctor would like to see the way your heart beats!
    • Pulse oximeter – just like your doctor uses in his/her office
    • Thermometer – yes – just like the office too
    • Other devices can and will be added as technology provides and as our customers request

    Access to your own FREE Patient Passport Personal Health Record (PHR)

    Ask your doctor or pharmacist if they are SmartCareDoc ready!